Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Geared up for a Birthday

This card is what I did for my son who just had his birthday. Growing up he loved Legos and Transformers, so I thought he'd enjoy this robot on his card. I love this set from Alota Rubber Stamps. There is one stamp of a mommy robot pushing a baby robot in her robot buggy.....too cute! Anyway, I did this one with a computer generated sentiment on the front that my daughter came up with....."The Best Gears Are Yet to Come." I loved it and had to go with it. Of course he immediately asked if that meant his present involved a car. Get real! Anyway, I had fun with it....hope you like it. Thanks for stopping by and hopefully I'll still be back tomorrow with another post. (I'm on a roll.....I'll do my best to keep it up. :)


Carolyn Bounds said...

You are so very right!!! These stamps are too cute, but your card is even cuter!!! I love the sentiment and the wonderfully vibrant colors:o) I know your son loved this robotoriffic card!!!


Susan said...

Wow that is a great card

Rachel said...

Karen, that is such a cool card! he's gonna love it!

Nancy said...

That's a cute card...even for a big kid! :) Love the sentiment.