Monday, May 18, 2009

Sharing a cute project

I just had to share this cute project with you that I got from Carolyn's post a few days ago. She made a card and backpack and I flipped over both. She has the link to the backpack tutorial, which was pretty easy, for the most part. I took a side picture, but I was working on creasing mine and this one side got a little messy. The picture on Carolyn's blog will be much more appealing. I wanted you to see that the back has ribbon for the straps, held on with large eyelets. At any rate, I made this for my granddaughter's pre-school graduation yesterday and I filled it with crayons, mechanical pencils, some small markers, and in the front pocket I enclosed some stamped images for her to color. She loves asking if she can stamp, which pretty much means "would you stamp something for me to color, Grandma?" She's getting very good with her coloring and I do trust her to stamp with supervision, but she seems to love to color. Anyway, I hope you like this and don't be afraid to try it if you're liking it as much as I did. Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by!