Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Surprise Award

This morning I learned that my sweet friend Carolyn from P.M.S. Etc.
left me an award. I am so honored to be recognized by such an outstanding
and talented artist. Her cards and projects have all been so awesome and it
just makes my day (week, month.....) that she has honored me. She is such
an encourager and I feel as though she's one of my dearest friends, even
though we've never met. As I'm getting acquainted with many of you, I feel
like I'm developing friendships and I look forward to seeing each of your
creations and letting you know how much I love what you've said and done.
I love Fall, so this is a gorgeous picture to attach to my blog. Thank you
so much, Carolyn.
Now I
confess that it is difficult for me to pass this on to just 6 bloggers. So,
I'm going to cheat a bit and single out one blog that has been my pleasure to
visit, not only for the talent she shares but for the whitty things she posts
that cater to my love of humor. So Paperlicious, I'll pass this on to you.