Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vacation Pics-Beautiful Sedona

I wanted to share with you a few pictures from our recent trip out west. A week ago today we drove to beautiful Sedona, Arizona, (from Buckeye) picnicked in a park and then walked a trail in another area. What incredible creations these were. The picture on the bottom left is of our grandson Ethan who lives with us, along with his mom-our daughter (his dad is military) and our son's youngest one, Emalee. They're 4 months apart and they had a good time together. In fact we heard that the morning after we left Emalee went around her house calling for Ethan. We had a lovely time being with our son and his family and it ended all too quickly, as always. The day after we got back I came down with some nasty virus and have been laid up in bed until this afternoon. Remnants of it are still hanging on, but I trust I'm on the mend. I'm also having a personal
crisis - a computer-crisis. Just before our trip I received my new computer and it was at that time that my old one, perhaps out of jealousy, who knows, decided it wouldn't boot up anymore. Now, of course, my life since 2004 is on that baby, and I loved that computer and I can't get a lick off of it. I'll have to take it in and hopefully they'll get it to boot up and work again, and if not, perhaps they can do a disk recovery on it. All of my digi-stamps are on it, and so much more. Well, I apologize for the whiney stuff. Hopefully I'll have a card up real soon. Meanwhile I wanted to post something lest people think I disappeared altogether.