Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Card and a Cake

Today we had a birthday party for my grandson who turned 1. We had six 1-year-olds, plus other kids and of course adults for a grand total of 29 people. I made my grandson a caterpillar cake because he loves the caterpillar on Baby Einstein, and then I fashioned a caterpillar card to go with it. Thanks Kristine for the reminder. Last week we took him shopping and bought all his presents and even gave him some early, so.... since I wasn't having to remember shopping or wrapping presents, I almost forgot to do his card. I know - that's unthinkable, but I had a lot going on to prepare for this and I just plain forgot. I have had this image from Victoria Case Art Designs ready to color for awhile now, so I used their sketch from this week's challenge so I could also post it to their challenge. I never do any cake decorating, so I was nervous about doing these little cakes justice, but it really was fun. In fact, I was running out of time and my DSIL asked if he could help. He said, "why not, I can spackle....", and so he piped the frosting, spread it (just like spackling, right?!) and dipped the pieces in the stuff right along with me. Before you go thinking this guy's a bit girly, you should know he's a Marine through and through. Just a willing Dad who's also talented working with his hands. I was proud of him and we got done just in time. Thanks, Richard. My daughter planned the whole party and prepared lunch for the whole crew, so I was proud of her, too. Anyway, long post but wanted to share the pictures of a wonderful party. Thanks so much for stopping by. Happy Sunday!