Friday, September 12, 2008

What's your Passion?

I just wanted to share some incredible, uplifting reading. In honor of Sharon Johnson's "Blogiversary", her design team gals have been offering blog candy all week long. One of these is Rebecca Oehlers from hemidemisemiquaver, and the criteria for being a recipient to the blog candy she is offering is to leave a "comment" on what you're passionate about. I started reading through those and it made me so glad to be passionate about a craft that connects me to a community of artists who share such incredible passions. Whether or not you care to win a free stamp set from PaperTrey, I would love to challenge you to go read through those. I promise it will lift your spirits and perhaps insight some passions of your own.
I'm praying for those in Ike's path. As far away from them as we are, we've still got gusty winds here. I'll be back with something to look at soon. Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

Let me just stop in and say THANK YOU! Thank you for taking the time out of your BUSY day and making time to read about other people's joys and passions!! Isn't it SO wonderful?? Isn't having these passions such a gift? It connects us deeply with each other,and especially through our art on a daily basis. I hope you come back and get to know me better and enjoy the time we all get to spend with one another in our virtual world!!

Sandra Smart said...

Hi there! Just wanted to thank you for stopping by and offering to send a card to my mother in law! Here is her address:

Pat Smart
1 Ramersway #57
Markham, Ontario
Canada L3P 5J7

Thank you so much!
And I will definitely be back to visit your blog...your cards are wonderful!