Monday, August 25, 2008

Amending "Sneak Peak"

I have to amend two things from last night's post. After posting my sneak peak image, it occured to me that they hadn't announced the theme for this week's HM Challenge. DUH! I turns out it's "lace it up." Well, doesn't look like I'll be "lacing this one up", so I'll post my card here and then it's back to the drawing board. Be sure to check out the cards the design team did - they're fabulous. The second thing to amend is that we actually did get the backside of the storm during the night. I woke up to pouring rain and what sounded like hurricane-force winds. I'm sure they weren't that bad, but nevertheless, we did see more of Fay. All's well this morning so far. We're supposed to get more rain, but I think the worst has moved on. Our sweet little grandson is two months old and has to go for shots this morning. :( Grandma is going along for moral support. Must go get ready. Have a good day!


Carolyn Bounds said...

You never dawned on me that you didn't know today's challenge. I keep forgetting that I have info that others are not privy least for a week. All this secrecy stuff is new to me. So sorry! Still I LOVE THE CARD!!! It just gives you an excuse to make another:o) As if addicts like us really need an excuse;o)

Julie Koerber said...

Oh... I just had to stop by to say just how much I LOVE your idea about using the shirt from Flourishes for my sewing kit!! (thunk) that's me slapping my head as if to say-- why didn't I think of that!! BRILLIANT! Stay tuned-- I'll do it!! :-)